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    Confused Federal Tax Energy Credit - Does a Trane XL16i - 16 Seer R410A A/C Qualify?

    Hello again,
    One other question on the High Efficiency Air Conditioner (A/C) -- Trane 4TTX6048 (16 seer, XL16i -- with new R410a refrigerant).

    Based on the 16 seer rating on Trane's Website, I would have thought that this system qualifies for the $300 Federal Tax Credit for the Energy Policy Act because it exceeds the 15 seer requirement. However, when I reviewed the Trane Certification Statement For the Energy Policy Act of 2005, where it lists all of the qualifying systems, it does not list the 4TTX6048 as one of the qualifying systems. Does anyone know why this system is not listed?

    FYI - The Trane Statement is found on

    Any help would be appreciated.....Thanks very much...

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    You'll need more data to make your search of SEER. Systems are rated not condensors. The final SEER could vary on the coil / air handler match. As long as it hits 15 you can take the energy tax credit.

    Once you obtain the exact model cond & coil - go to for the posted rating. Print & retain for your records

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    slow down .........

    there will be many pissed off customers if the 15 seer standard is a selling point to the tax credit. true the system must acheive 15 seer, but it must have an EER of 12.5 or higher. just read this post and your link you provided gives you the answer you look for. notice, none listed have an eer of 12.4 or lower.

    tax season will make many hvac companies phones ring with complaints, then what?

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    33 why doesn't the ARI directory list the EER along with the SEER rating? It would sure make it alot easier to prove eligibility for these utility company rebates and tax credits. Without the EER number than my proposed mixed system (Trane condenser/furnace+ADP coil) might not qualify even though it's listed at 16 SEER. Amazing....

    I may have to request a Trane coil just to qualify.

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    That list only has systems that use R-22, the XL16i uses R-410a.
    You need the list that has R-410a systems on it.
    If more government is the answer, then it's a really stupid question.

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    Thanks for your insights....where would I find the Trane Certification Statement for the R410a systems?

    I did find 2 specific R410a systems on the original Statement I included on my original posting (4TTX4024B and 4TTX6036B). However, I couldn't figure out why it just listed 1 of the Xl14i and one of the XL16i systems (based on the tonnage size).....Thanks!

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