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    Need help testing Scotsman, Hoshzaki and Manitowoc for leaks

    Can anyone help me test for condenser fan leaks into the ice bin? I can send you the equipment to test, see photos below and attached. I need this test done on 2 or 3 ice machines of each major brand. This information (but not location or owner of machine) will be presented to NSF in a meeting in two weeks to let them know the condition of ice machines in the field. I have done these tests myself, but I need some independent, professional 3rd party tests presented to NSF, who can eventually get the ice machine companies to correct this problem as a repair in the field.

    I made up three of these test platforms to send out and I will make up some more, if I get some more volunteers. If you would be willing to donate a little bit of your time to do this, please email:

    David is the CEO at

    The purpose of doing all this is to get the manufacturers to fix their machines both in the field and in the factory so they do not blow or suck air through the food zone anymore. Once this is done, then any cleaning system or manual cleaning will work much better because the food zones (storage bin and ice making section) are not acting as an airfilter for dirty ambient air.

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