We recently had a call from a general contractor wanting us to disconnect a condenser so a concrete company could poor new concrete and then go back and reconnect the system. It was an older system, which already opens up the possibility of claims that we harmed a system that was already failing just due to the age of the system. We can do an evaluation of the system based on pressure checks and such, but that is still no promise that the system won't fail for another reason.

The concrete company also has all sorts of heavy equipment that could potentially harm the system plus the system is sitting onsite disconnected, opening up the possibility of theft. How do you protect yourself from warranty issues and/or subcontractors "harming" the equipment on job sites?

It sucks because you want to express that you do a good job, but without warranty. You've got to protect yourself. Its like 6 cans of worms and waiting for one to be opened. Is there a way to state it or put it writing to protect myself.