This is my first thread here, although I have read many.

Many of you have given me very well informed information in the technical forums that has helped me become a better tech but from reading here many of these same people are gripped by fear and hate. This is not an indictment of character but rather a request that anyone that reads this suspend their normal knee jerk reaction and take a moment to consider how they view the world.

We are all brothers and sisters on this earth no matter your skin color, country of origin, political party or religious beliefs. Treat everyone as your family, did god not say we are all his children.

Know that many of the same people you fear and hate would have lived similar lives to yourself had they been given the same life as you and vice versa. Yes there are always outliers but they are just that.

Let go of hate and fear and embrace love and compassion. Not only is this the premise of Christianity(which many here claim to be) but it's the most influential change you could ever make in your life no matter what you believe or who you want to vote for. Love and compassion DO NOT make you weak, they make you strong and more importantly we all gain something from it.

If you are reacting negatively to this post than examine why, are you fearful of not looking masculine, are you fearful of looking weak. Be the change, help others change by proving there own fears and hate about you wrong.

I spent some time living in hate and fear after my divorce, after much reflection and effort I have learned to forgive and to help my ex with her new life by being a great father to our kids and to keep open clear and compassionate communication with her. At one point in time I was so tragically submerged in hating my wife(we weren't divorced yet) and her new boyfriend that it impacted every other area of my life including my kids. I first forgave and started loving myself again and then my ex.

We all make mistakes, we are all impacted and influenced by the lives we have lived so next time before you condemn someone consider what's influencing them and then consider what would help them most, hating them and what they are or trying to free them from the hate and fears that control their lives.

Forgive, love and be compassionate

All right I'm done : ). Feel free to comment or to relate any stories. If you want a discussion I'm sure it can be had.