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    Evaporator coil with new furnace and no AC

    I am going to replace my old furnace and do not have an AC unit. I was considering adding an AC with the new furnace but decided not to do it for now. There is a 30%-50% chance I will do it in a couple of years.
    One contractor suggested installing a vertical evaporator coil now with the new furnace in order to make it AC ready in case I will decide to add the AC in the future.
    Does this make sense? Will it save me money to install the evaporator coil now with the new furnace if I will decide to add an AC in the future? Will the system function better in that case? Would the new AC need to fit the existing evaporator coil (i.e. limiting my options)?

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    Yes to the last question.

    I'd have an empty box placed above/below the new furnace as appropriate. That way you can get the unit of your choosing when the time comes.

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    installing coil now saves zero costs are paying for a coil you may never use
    it was working.... played with it.... now its broke.... whats the going hourly rate for HVAC repair

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    Ditto with #2 and #3. It's bad advice (period). I would question the person's intentions for telling you such a thing.

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    Just have them pull the coil from the coil box, install the box the coil goes in, preserve the coil in a nice conditioned place, then if you ever want to install a/c, they can just slip the coil back into the box.
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