My home builder had the HVAC subcontractor contact me directly, and I agreed to the relatively small upcharge for 16 SEER, 2 stage Heating and cooling. This is what he installed:

RCFL-HM3617CC (Indoor Unit/Coil)
RARL-037JEZ (Outdoor Unit)
RGRM/RGTM GAS 95 Furnace (not sure the size/model, there is nothing written on it, and the coil is below the furnace so I think it is downflow)

Playing around with the AHRI site, it looks like I actually got a 13.5 SEER combination. Since i am by no means an HVAC expert, I wanted to make sure I had my information correct. As someone with my own profession, which isn't HVAC, I feel frustrated that I have to second guess others, but it seems to be the way of things. I also don't know if this is standard practice, that is to have a significantly lower rated SEER than what was quoted. So, do I have a conversation with the builder and subcontractor? If so, what do I ask? What are appropriate and reasonable questions?