Went to the ISH Convention in Chicago. Not as many vendors as the AHR Expo. Here are some of the tools that I did see.

Bad Dog Tools
Drill bits they said lifetime warranty and free sharpening. You can sharpen them your self with a diamond coated stone. Since Drill Dr has a diamond coated stone that should work.

They now have a flux coated Blockade brazing rod for copper to copper and copper to brass. At their torch station demonstration it does appear to flow around 1/2 inch pipe fairly well and makes a nice cap. Will have to do some bench tests with the 2 complimentary rods they gave me.

435 IAQ meter the meter can accept a variety of attachments. The one that caught my eye was the one with a hot wire anemometer and 2 wireless thermometers that measures dry and wet bulb. With this set up it will measure the system air flow, supply and return temperatures and then calculates the cooling capacity in btuh.

Testoscope== updated has a pistol type grip. The focusing ring is a little tighter so it can't be bumped out of focus as easily. Still has two lights, but now you have the choice of low or high beam. The scope itself now is stiffer and will hold position instead of moving when you get it positioned. Best of all the pixels have improved on the fiber optics. It doesn't look like your viewing through the eye of a bug with all those little dots. A real improvement.