I'm currently trying to determine which bid i will accept to replace my heater and ac in my 30 yr old capecod stlye house.While 4 out of 5 bids called for tying into existing chimmeny,duckwork, and oil lines. i have one bid that will replace the chimmeny, part of the return duckwork, condensation line to outside, and oil line from tank to furnace. All bids called for rerplacing the coolant line(s).Having the chimmeny replaced (it's metal) is this something i should be concerned about. I live in the midaltantic region (delaware). in your opion, what is the average lenght of service for a all metal chimmeny?
The other area i am confused greatly about is with warranties.I am trying to equal the field by comparing the total cost of services plans of the various bids after the warranty runs out to bids that have higher warranty periods. 2 bids i have are 10/5/1, 2 bids are 10/5/5 and 1 bid is for 12/12/12.so i'm totaling the cost of the service plans and adding that cost to the bids to compare them equally.is this a good way of evaluationg the bids?
some added info, i have decided to go with a hybrid system, oil furnace and a heat pump. all bids called for a variable speed oil furnace.