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    Fujitsu mini split Dry Mode fails to dehumidify in basement setting

    I have a Fujitsu 15RLQ mini split located in a 1500 sq ft walk-out basement. I attempted to use it in "dry" mode this summer and it did not reduce humidity nor did it produce any condensate. I kept a container under the output tubing to verify if it was actually doing anything for several weeks. Nothing came out.

    In dry mode the temp setting was 72 and the RH went up to 65%. In dry mode the unit seems to run intermittently along with the fan. I turned off the mini-split and used my dehumidifier to get the humidity back down to 50%.

    Service man / installer looked at it and could find nothing wrong. Put a coil cleaning solution through the indoor coil and solution came out the condensate tubing line indicating it wasn't blocked. Checked temperatures and it seemed good. When the unit is turned to AC mode it puts out lots of cold air, and will start generating condensate, but it cools room down too far. I thought dry mode was intended to dehumidify while stabilizing room temp.

    The serviceman will be returning to check it out again. It will soon be out of warranty. Any ideas on what they should look for, or have you found the dry mode (that they advertise) to be a worthless gimmick? I never use dry mode in my upstairs units. Thanks.

    PS: I have a 3300 sq ft ranch in PA with a Fujitsu 12RLE, Fujitsu 15RLQ, Mitsubishi 18FE, Mitsubishi FE12 single, and a Mitsubishi FE12-NA / GE6 / GE6 on 24NA 3-split system. I've often thought about writing a review on these mini-split units from a user perspective. Initially got some good info reading this forum.
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