Hello, I first off want to thank everyone in advance for the effort to possibly help me with my issue. I will start off by telling you that I have a 70,000 btu lennox 95% furnace and 2 ton 17 seer ac with 2 ton down flow coil recently installed all new within last 12 months. When first installed I have no complaints as of yet about furnace side of system. The AC side of system is another story. I will first say we are dealing with consistant high humidity and will not maintain set temperature in home. We have had original installers out 3 different times looking into the issues. First time was out and said they adjusted blower speeds and adjusted and checked freon levels and was satisfied with readings. Within a week we were noticing exact same issues once again and called service again. Second time came out and checked return ducts for leaks in attic and did not notice any and again checked filters, valves, and freon and took readings and adjusted blower again. I was getting about 15 degrees temp drop from return to supply when they left and said with new puron won't get much better. Problem was never fixed and within weeks had service back out with Lennox representitive. Checked all equipment again and same old routine but decided this time my super heat numbers were a little high and decided to change a valve hooked to a little copper line that was next to a big one. The big copper line was cold and little one was cool and they said the valve would fix that and allow for colder temps. So while part was on order I was also told by service my roof could be some of issue not properly insulated and crawl space had a lot of holes in plastic. I decided to take care of my end and had all soffit removed and cut out and baffles installed in rafters with vented every other soffit on eves. I had a gutter replaced to take water away better and completely cleaned all old plastic out of crawl space and replaced with all new 10 mil from wall to wall. Doing all this did me no good with humidity or maintaining temp. New valve came in and they came out and installed and adjusted and set to their numbers according to lennox and book and now little copper line is getting warm and getting a temp drop of about 18 degrees and they adjusted blower again. After about 12 hours of running I noticed little copper line lost all its heat and felt cool again and but big line was cold. I let go until next day and noticed around noon line was not as cool a little warmer. Line continues to fluctuate and always warm and cool up and down. All in all nothing has changed any humidity issues and maintaining temp. I agreed to pay for a energy audit to determing hopefully the problems. The audit found the ducts were leaking in crawl space very bad and I had infiltration rate of 5.2 ach/29%nach. Recomended ducts to be sealed and foam on rim joist to seal up crawls space and 6" fresh air installed into return. HVAC agreed to come back and seal up all ducts and boots in floor and I am going to seal the rim joist and crawl walls with closed cell foam. As of today humidity is still up to 65% and outside humidity is 40% with outside air temp of 86 and my indoor on thermastat was set to 70 but raised to 74 on its own. When I put a thermometer by vents it says it's comning out of vent around 60 or 61. The little copper line is still getting cool and warm and we are constantly dealing with humidity and maintaining temps. I almost feel like with the ac running it is actually causing my humidity to go up because if I shut it all off and open windows the humidity will slowly come down. Even if I just run the blower it seems to raise some humidity levels. I am about tired of it all and desperate for some opinions on what to try next. My home has never had issues before. Now blower is set to lowest setting and all ducts are sealed to their best opinion and roof is ventilated with soffit and baffles and ridge vents, all shower fans vent directly out and so does dryer. On average the temps around here has been higher than normal this year but our highest temps have been in upper 90's with humidity of 70-75%. On them days house would raise to 78-80 easily and humidity would be lower 70's. I am desperate for any advice. Please help!!!!!!!!!!