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Thanks for all the "serious" answers to my deadly serious problem.

Yes, he can usually figure anything out but he is a little arrogant and still has some streaks of rebelliousness and adolescent omnipotence.
This is obvious to you because you are trained and to me because I have done so much research, but it is not obvious to people who know nothing about the aerodynamics of flues or combustion emissions. We are in Georgia where the public isn't educated about things like wood smoke and people here still think it is "natural and harmless". I have been labeled a crackpot (my daughter even suggested I needed therapy) because I have tried to educate my family and friends about the health impacts of wood smoke and believe building codes are in place to protect people not to find ways to skirt around ("everyone does it" :P).

HE IS NOT GOING TO LIGHT THAT STOVE AGAIN. I will do anything and everything to stop it.

I had just hoped some information from professionals about why this is a "no-no" might be an easier step than calling in the county or a stove installer.

I'm taking the pictures to a local store that has professional installers and hiring them to come talk to him.

Wasted your time and mine.
You seem offended, sorry about that, but this is such an obvious and egregious error that little explanation is really needed. You knew better, with little HVAC training, inhaling combustion gasses WILL KILL YOU! THIS IS A LIFE OR DEATH ISSUE, not a no no. If you need more info than that, I can't help you, not sure anyone else can.