My son-in-law designs and builds custom stairs and can figure just about anything out, but he has mistakenly assumed that is true about a wood stove installation. He put a large soapstone stove in the basement of a 3 story (open ceiling on top floor), and ran a triple wall pipe out a window. (The pipe is lower than the main roof peak.) Then to move the heat around he had a friend who works in HVAC run huge intake pipes from the sides of the stove into the 2 lower HVAC units. (Photo attached).
He keeps smoldering fires going, frequently uses unseasoned or wet wood, and leaves the HVAC fan running continuously. I'm sure the only reason the CO2 monitors aren't triggered is the open design of the house and they are near the ceiling in the 2nd story. (They don't pick up low level CO2 anyway.)
I have had damage to my heart and lungs, one of the dogs they keep in the basement has a loss of lung function and one of my granddaughters is starting to have asthma symptoms. He can't hear me when I try to talk to him about it. I am willing to call the county building inspector or fire marshal before he lights up again this year, but I would rather find some way to get him to understand this is not an acceptable installation.
(I have tried finding info to share from the wood burning sites but this kind of problem is barely spoken about.)

Can someone please, please write out an explanation I can show him so he can understand how serious and dangerous this is.
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