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    Equipment Notebook, Android App

    hey everyone,

    I just published my first android app, that I want to share with the crowd here and get your opinion on.
    It's called Equipment Notebook and I just uploaded a free version called Equipment Notebook Free.

    My objective was to create a simple application that would replace the notepad I used to carry around everywhere, It will basically let you create locations, add your equipment to that location, and then you can view and update notes on whatever you have entered.

    I have another version of the app that will sync the data to a Google Docs spreadsheet where a whole team of technicians could have access to the same data.

    If anyone is interested the free version has just been published, It is limited to 3 locations but otherwise fully functional. I do not have a link yet but it should be available very soon

    The full version is located here :

    Please test it and let me know how you like it or what it needs.


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    Looks like an interesting idea, I don't think the market is there. I already have evernote setup and that works for me and freee. I create folders for each location, add photos of equipment data plates, record audio or text notes and have it synchronize across devices and pc.

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