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    H10pm leak detector

    I have read the threads about setting up for 410a. It doesnt seem to work me. I have units that have oil on them and are leaking. I have a very critical account that i need a reliable detector. Is there something better?i have no problem finding leaks for 22.

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    I'm rocking an Inficon TEK-Mate. Seems to be sensitive, reliable, and made in the USA.

    $147.95, Brand New on EBAY.

    Features At A Glance:
    -Equal sensitivity to CFCs, HCFCs, and HFCs eliminates resetting or switching for different refrigerants.
    -Variable-intensity audible signal and single flashing LED to help pinpoint leaks.
    -The automatic background compensation feature continuously monitors and automatically compensates for changing background "noise" without the need for manual adjustments by the operator.
    -Two year warranty.



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