New Unit for OR. To prevent the humidity from exceeding 60%RH is the mixing of 44F pretreated min outsideair (95F db and 75 wb) with the space return temp.
The air-cooled condensing unit with the hot gas control shall maintain a discharge minimum outside air temp of 44F.
When the outside air temp is below 50F, the air-cooled condensing unit shall be locked out and steam control valve serving the min outside air heating coil shall maintain a discharge temp of 50F.
The main unit chw coil shall maintain a discharge air of 50F.
Below 50F, the max outside air dmp, ret air dmp and spill/exh dmp shall sequence to maintain a discharge air temp of 50F.
The Discharge temp of 50F shall be reset up to the lowest discharge air temp sensor of a zone space heating coil.
When the outside air temp is below 30F, the chilled water control valve shall go to the wide open position and the chill water pumps shall be activated.

This seems alittle complicated, any suggestions? Pro's or Cons.

Thank you so much for your feedback, really rely on your help!!!