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The dealer was here this morning. The dealer told me they checked on the TAM8 board revision and from what they could find, it is specific to certain TAM8 units, and mine is not one of them. So, at this point we have TAM8 main board that was replaced about three weeks ago with the original software module installed in it, new XL950 with Rev 2.1 installed in it.

Evidently the TAM8 control boad has some type of removable memory card with the operating system on it and a replacement TAM8 board does not come with a new memory card/software, so the original has to be used.

With the three week old TAM8 board and original software for the TAM8, the dealer put the new XL950 t-stat back, loaded version 2.1 software, and attempted to get the system to work. It bombed out big time - error 126 and now it is a non-operable error - the system will not run until the error is cleared; the system used to atleast run. The dealer tried reloading version 2.1 a couple times, reverting back to factory settings, powering the system up in specific squences, rebooting the XL950, and nothing works.

An interesting thing is in the diagnostics section of the XL950, if the history page (I think that is it - it is on the same window as the alerts and stored alerts icons) is brought up, it shows the outdoor unit "online" and the indoor unit "ofline" indicating the T-stat can talk to the condensor but not the air handler.

So, for grins, they tried to force the air handler to operate using the system test window. The air handler responded to both 50% and 100%, it also responded to stage 1 and stage 2 cooling test, even though it claims there is no communication and the air handler is offline! Curious, the XL950 and TAM8 cannot communicate, yet the XL950 can succesfully request the air handler to operate and the cooling to start in test mode...

Anyway, they put the temporary T900 on so I at least have air conditiong, and are attempting to get the Trane rep in to look at it. They also want to see if there is new software for the TAM8 that should be installed.

Any suggestions by those that may have seen this would be greatly appreciated. I am confident my Trane dealer will get this solved, but any other help I could relay to them to speed it up or get them looking at specific things on Trane's dealer website would be great.

I spent a lot of money on this top of the line, state of the art system and it is not functioning as Trane specifies. I hate it when I am on the bleeding edge of technology - I try to avoid that and thought I had as I believed this system had been around for over a year when I bought it.

I will post back when I hear more.
When the 900 was installed did the 126 go away or do you still see it?