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    HVAC job experience

    I guess this would be where I can relate my experiences with HVAC jobs I had.

    My first real HVAC experience was one of those jobs, and now 12 years later, I can imagine and it would be interesting to hear from pros what they think of these scam HVAC jobs.

    It was one of those jobs, where they have ads, clean all house ducts for $19.95 or something.

    My experience was after being hired. They give the worker, 25% of the individual job payment. You get three days of training, and then they give you a shirt and hat that says you are a certified HVAC technician.
    The office is hidden in a building with no indication, so the customers, most likely can't find them. If they complain about the work, the two guys in the office send a regular worker out, as the owner or manager of the company, I know, because during my training, my trainer, who was 20, was sent out with me along, as the manager of the company.

    My training was 3 days, cleaning supply ducts, but I got a 4th day as punishment for not showing up for the satellite training one day, that they said previously, I didn't have to show up to.
    The fourth day, I learned how to take out the blower and clean it.
    And because I already had experience in electrical, I was able to train my trainer in diagnosing and replacing a high limit switch on another call.

    Then I was out on my own, set loose as an HVAC certified technician, which at the time, I had no idea just how corrupt the whole thing was.

    I did one service call, which over the years, after learning about HVAC, I still feel bad about.

    Then I had a dream, I was going through a house with some other people, robbing the house.
    The next day I called and quit the job.

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    this is all normal!

    this industry seems to attract those people!
    There are more scammers than not!

    there are thousands or tens of thousands of shops like that!

    they give the professional reputable shops a bad name and drive the prices down!

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    I wasn't there long enough to find out, but I wonder if they were also doing, the ones that knew, refrigerant work, recoveries, and whatever would definitely require being certified. That would not just be a scam, but be illegal. I think they sent out, from what I did see, certain employees that came there with HVAC experience, or maybe certain employees actually were certified.

    But if they were, they were *******s if they actually stayed there knowing the company was what it was.

    I knew next to nothing, and still realized it quickly.

    Over the years, I got more experience doing HVAC work, but I kept not getting jobs, because I wasn't certified.

    So I am looking for an apprenticeship.

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    Dropping legal links

    So what is with the lawyer links in your sentence?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hekankah Eteinte View Post
    So what is with the lawyer links in your sentence?
    Guys who do stuff like that are spammers.

    Those posts typically disappear.

    If you see them, there is a small triangle shaped icon, typically at the bottom left of each post.

    Click it, leave us a note that there is spam on the site and watch how quickly it disappears.

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