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Thread: Furnace Camera

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    Quote Originally Posted by supertek65 View Post
    i am not sure how i am going?
    last time i drove down to garland.
    i was thinking of flying and then renting a car.
    heck i have not even googled tyler texas yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tyler is about two hours east of Dallas. If you drive down, let me know. Depending on your route toward Dallas, you'll likely come right thru here. I know the road to Tyler like the back of my hand. My two oldest kids grew up in Kilgore (just east of Tyler) with their mother. I spent many a weekend up and down that road...My kids knew where all the "slug-bugs" were...and if you weren't alert, you would up with a sore shoulder at the end of each trip...
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    Klein has two cameras. We bought two Klein ET500, one for maintenance techs and one for engineering. It takes a SD card, led light in tip, and does video too! Cost about $300.

    Here is a link. They also have another one for $122.


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    I just got this from Johnstone on sale for $199.99. It works great so far. Stored pictures in color on card and sent them to my customer.

    Here's one of the pictures.

    Name:  WallCavityTwoNoName.jpg
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    This is a picture of a wall cavity where I was running an addition TStat line down to the crawl space buy my snake drill bit kept getting caught and could not figure out why. See the drawing for the one I had to cut off and leave in the wall.

    Did the same thing on the next drill and figured out that some form of hard wood was used on that plate and that is what was causing the drill bit hang up.

    So far it's been worth every dollar. I also have another one with out the camera and that has gotten me into a lot of tight places for inspection by the light switch button keeps acting up.

    Here's the camera:
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