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One of the HVAC contractors that spec'ed Central AC, told me I should put 1 AH in the attic and wanted to use Carrier Infiniti FE4A (4 ton unit) for the entire house. He said you can make 2 zones with this unit.

Does this sound right? Would 2 seperate AH's be better?

He was the HVAC contractor I trusted the most because he sounded like he know alot. I use the word sounded, because I am not a HVAC expert by any means but he spoke like he knew what he was talking about. He was also the most expensive, but not by much.

Infinty zoning is probably one of the best systems out there. Its' modulating and you could even zone each bedroom space and also zone the basement as well as different parts of the downstairs if the useage or occupany varies. I question if you need 4 tons, especially if zoned. I bet with spray foam throguhout a load calculation will say 3 tons is plenty. You're only in Queens, not South Florida or Texas. You summer design temeprature isn't that high and humidity is moderate. WIth zoning you can actually undersize slightly and take advantage of even longer run times since all zones are rarely occupied during peak periods.

However, with zoning, ductwork sizing and layout is even more critical.