I am a home owner and building a new home in Queens, NYC.

The house will be 2 floors, each approx 1,000 sq feet and the cellar which will also be approx 1,000 sq feet. I will spray foam insulation on the exterior walls. Use R18 or better in the attic. For heat, my plumber will be installing radiant heat throughout the house. I am really confused on what to do with cooling.

For cooling I am either doing Central AC or Ductless Units throughout the house. Is one better than the other?

My electrician told me, ductless units are more efficient. My wife and I do not mind having a ductless unit in each room (it isn't an eye sore for us).

I talked to a few HVAC contractors and I havn't gotten a clear answer, I feel that a contractor will push with what he wants. I talked to about 5 contractors and 3 went with Central AC and 2 suggested ductless. Cost isn't as much as a factor, I just want to do the right thing and not worry about my house not being properly cooled in the summer.