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    AC repeatedly freezes

    I'll start off by saying I live in Texas, and up until recently I chalked up the AC freezing over several times a week to the fact that it was just too hot outside and the AC was too low. This week however, this temperature has dropped to low 80's and at night low 70's and the AC is still freezing up rather frequently, and it actually seems worse. The unit is a newer (2010) Goodman R22, 2 ton unit, cooling 1300 sq. ft. and the freon has been checked twice, and supposedly is absolutely correct. At this point I've been told a couple of things that might fix the issue, but I just don't know which one I should do.

    So far we've gotten 2 opinions on the subject:
    1) We just bought the house back in January, so the home warranty is still in effect, so we put in a service call when this first started happening. The guy said that from what he could conjecture, the squirrel cage fan was overheating and not working, which would cause freezing and improper cooling. My opinion on this is mixed, because the return air is definitely working, and I can feel air flow from the vents, although the air does not seem to blow as hard as one would expect, so I thought maybe if I was to get a replacement squirrel cage fan, that provided more airflow, this might help for just a few $.

    2) To get a second opinion we had a second company come take a look and his suggestion was more daunting. He said that the coolant lines were much larger than they should be ( 1.25" where it should be .75" and .5" where it should be 3/8" ) and secondly the piston might possibly be the wrong piston, however he said he couldn't drain the system to find out because of all the extra coolant that was in the lines because of them being oversized. So my second option becomes to replace all the coolant lines along with the coolant which I've been told would run about $, which is not awesome, and he wasn't sure if it would actually fix the issue.

    So I'm looking for some expert opinions, because I just don't know enough on the subject to properly decide what course of action I should take, and I'm tired of paying for service calls and finding out at 11 PM that my AC has frozen over and I won't be getting my nice cold sleep.
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