I know mold comes up a lot on this site. I don't deal with it much, but when I do, sometimes I don't really know what I can do, am suposed to do and are legally capable of doing. I wonder at what point mold remediation comes into play. And as far as the sprays and foggers go, is mold considered pest contro, which usually requires a license to spray those types of products for others?
Reason I ask is that I went to a job today that had mold on the liner of the supply trunk and some in the flex ducts. I know mold isn't supposed to grow on these surfaces, but usually what I see is a dirty surface that mold is growing on. So the mold grows on the dirt (and eats on it to I guess). On this job, instead of trying to spray it, I just told the guy to rip the old out and lets install all new on the supply side.

Hopefully we can get some good conversation going on this.