I work for a medium size commercial and industrial mechanical contractor. I have 16 years in the trade and have been here for just over a year. When I hired in, I new I had an abundant customer base on my own and they stared to trickle in slowly, but surely about 5 months after I hired in. Now I am in a situation where my customer base alone has generated over $500,000 in the last 5 months, and my owner/ boss is getting more greedy by the day. Certain perks are being removed and he seems to be growing more paranoid by the day. I am really just buying my time until next summer to go on my own as I am planning and paying for my wedding in February. So my question is, should I be getting a finders fee for the amoun of work I am bringing to the table, well, I think I should be. I don't want to ruffle any feathers as I need steady income until this wedding mayhem is over, but I feel I should be entitled to a significant amount of money by now, and haven't even received an atta boy. Is there something wrong with this picture????