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    Fair vote this coming national election? What do you think?

    We have the discussion over voter ID in another thread. As we approach the national election I am expecting that this election will set some new records for claims of election fraud. What do you think?

    For example this could come back to a voting booth near you.

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    Where I vote, they have big signs that say'Republican Vote here' or'Democrat vote here' and they always ask for your ID. But I think they ask more or less to be sure you are at the right precinct. As for fraud, my guess is there will always be some somewhere

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    Probably something miniscule like the last time...... .0002 percent or something...... I could look it up.

    If either candidate loses by a mere 1 percent or so then I could see some investigating needing to go on.

    3 or 4 percent...... that would be massive organized voter fraud on a scale that nobody could coordinate.

    .0009 percent was the rate of voter fraud conviction is 2008. .0009..... times that by 1000 and you get nearly 1 percent..... .9 percent
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