We're taking over an old Novar system and are running into a lot of these IOM Multiplexed Relay output Modules.

The original thought seemed to be that we would take them over with our spyder for this mech room. After figuring out what they are, I believe the intent is to just take over the existing valves with a pair of floating outputs from the spyder.

I think the whole reason we were even considering reusing was because the guys I work with weren't sure if they sent something other that 0-10 or 24v floating to the actuators. The other half of that reasoning was that we didn't have 2 DOs dedicated to each valve, but we've resolved that.

Assuming that we had a full I/O spyder and wanted to use a single DO send the open/closed/pulsed signal to the IRM1010?

I suppose my questions is more to the nature of the pulses (is it a pattern that I'd have trouble programming?) and if the DO's on a spyder could handle that kind of constant switching?

Don't get me wrong, I'm only asking hypothetically, I'd rather simplify the system, but sometimes it seems like I'm told to do stuff that makes little sense for monetary reasons, i.e. the way the job was bid.