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    Union question

    Im a non union tech. But I'm getting into the union I'm being hired by a big company with two option to accept and want to know the goods and bass to the two. I'm 24 years old #1 r3 pay 21.65 with insurance for me, a wife, and a kid. But I don't have either so he said he can get me in as something called m.a.t pay me over scale 25.00 an hr with insurance for just myself. With either choice he said I can still go into the union school and I have a pension after 5 years I'm vested. I never heard of a mat. I need your input

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    what union down there,maybe somebody inside already can tell you the benny and negs
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    I think it's a degree program. Work while going to school with some govt funding I think. Not sure how it works with your union. You should call the BA with the local and ask them before committing.

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    First of all what union? UA or SMWIA?

    The UA has a MES?

    If it's the UA, are you going in as HVAC or pipefitter?

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    I would find out what it would cost to cover your family first. You want to know, would it cost you more then what extra $ they are giving you and compare the coverage. But Cover your family

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    Sounds like he said M.E.T. Mechanical Equipment Tradesman. It's a sub class below journeyman that, if you have experience, you may be allowed to enter the union without going through the apprentice program. Usually starts out in a probationary period that they can reject you at any time. Schooling is usually a condensed version of the apprentice program, since you already are working as a Tech they assume you know the basics. As far as the pension in 5 yrs, well up here you have to be a journeyman for that and there is not automatic status change at 5 yrs, your guy and the Union have to agree to move you up. If this is what he is promising hope he's honest or he can keep you as cheap labor down the road or you have to find another shop willing to hire you as a Journeyman.

    It is a good opportunity if you handle it right. As far as insurance, dont worry bout the family insurance till you have one.

    But my best advice is find a rich woman to take care of you, this sheet can tax a mans mind, body and soul.

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    Many companies use this as a "try you before they buy you" program. Be careful, after you have proven yourself and can keep up with any journeyman; make sure they get your card changed to BTJ Pipefitter. I was hired in on my first union job as an MES. Not knowing anything about the union, I went along for years working on stuff that some of the folks who went through the program had never even seen. A fellow Journeyman pointed this out to me and I made the call and got it fixed. One of the things this means is they dont have to pay you scale.

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    What's the company? National or NSMA Sigs are not subject to L#725's R Classifications. It seems a few National Sigs have been pushing Local classifications below Service journeyman, in Miami this would be equal to an R-1. If you're an Apprentice, a National or NMSA can halt you at Serviceman.

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