Today I went on a service call on a York YR Screw Chiller. The chiller had been running all last week just fine, but early this morning it went off on a motor rotation fault. I checked all of the voltages, phasing, and pressures. The manual said something about the discharge pressure needs to climb in the first 5 seconds of starting. The pressure transducers read spot on. When the compressor is trying to start the pressures do not change at all. It seems as if the compressor isn't really trying to start at all. No amperage is pulled on start up. When it goes into the starting/run mode I hear a click near the starter, and nothing happens.

This Chiller has a SCR type Solid State Starter on it. The information on the starter is as follows:

Model: SSS14L-46B
Serial: HKS-019
Part No. 371-02506-409

Another thing I noticed on the main chiller board was a CR18 light was lit red. It says fail above it. Does this mean anything?

If I will get more responses in the PRO Chiller forum please move it there.

Thanks for the help