I was double-checking the installer's work (they have a little more to do tomorrow until they're finished; installing a new HP and AH) and noticed that they didn't pull a new thermostat wire bundle.

Originally, I had a single-speed blower and I've since upgraded to a Carrier variable-speed (FV4) along with the Edge thermostat. From what I can gather in the Edge installation instructions, you're "supposed" to have wire running to D1/D2. I don't, since the old thermostat wire bundle doesn't have enough extra wires.

In the thermostat to fan coil wiring diagram, it looks like you can jumper D1 to R (on the fan coil side) and then jumper R to DH (again, on the fan coil side). However, there is a note to "remove [that] jumper for dehumidify modes". The diagram also shows a connection from D2 to DH (fan coil side).

See this PDF, page 68, for the diagram I'm looking at: http://www.favret.com/pdf_files/ther...si_install.pdf

I'm not an expert, but it seems to me like they really need to pull a new tstat wire bundle so D2 can be wired to the thermostat. Otherwise, I guess I'm losing out on the dehumidify-on-demand functionality that I paid for. Do the experts agree?