Just replaced an evap coil on an R-22 system. Had bad leak in an Aspen coil on a 5-6 year old system. It has an orifice on the coil. The day I installed it it was working well. Had a call out about a month later, upstairs not keeping up. Its a 2400sqft two story with 1-5 ton system. Suctions pressure was going up and down from about 60-75 ranging from 7-18 degree superheat. Couldn't read high side due to leaking high side hose on previous call. Checked indoor coil drop and was getting a fluxuating split of 14-18 degrees. Had a lot of temp loss in ducts from super hot attic. About 7 degrees. I plan to go back out there to get a couple more reading but was curious if anyone had some ideas what could be doing this.