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    EXV forced closure?

    I recently noticed that my air handler / indoor coil has a pair
    of dry-contact input terminals to force its EXV to CLOSED during
    cooling mode.

    When/why would you want to do this, and/or why would such a
    function want to be able to be externally automated? I can't
    imagine how it could be good for the rest of the system.



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    What indicates that this is what the set of dry contacts are for? Dry contacts are often for alarm triggering purposes.
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    Hobbit it this on your Daikin system we have talked about before?

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    Yup, the Daikin FTQ type air handler. Quoting from the
    install manual description for option block terminals 9,10:
    "Receives input: Forced closure of indoor unit Electronic
    Expansion Valve during cooling operation. (dry contact)"

    Seems like a strange thing to want an input for. Note: this
    isn't the same as "forced off" that you'd use for safety
    switches, condensate-pump overflows, etc.


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    Sorries did not notice this was in the ask a pro section.
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