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Thread: Cleaning coils

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    Anybody here use Simple Green to clean evap coils?

    I've been using this and am not satisfied:

    I'm gonna try Yellow Death when it's warranted, but I thought I'd try Simple Green in the meantime. I've used it to clean lawnmowers and such, and even my old Powerstroke diesel engine. Rinses away easily with water.

    Any thoughts?

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    The last time I used evap cleaner on an evap coil, the blower motor caught fire. The directions said to liberaly spray the coil, then run the fan and cooling. It was a 4 ton water source heatpump with the evap coil before the blower. It sucked the bubbles through the coil and got in the 460 volt motor. Next thing the motor sparked, and actually caught fire. Luckily the room had a dry chem extinguisher 2 ft away! Needless to say, I don't clean evap coils anymore. I change them if they are too plugged. If not, I blow em out with nitrogen.
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    Last time I used that green stuff it didn't foam or produce any bubbles at all. The only cleaning action I got from it was just from the pressure of my sprayer. Might as well have just used water as far as I could tell.

    At least Simple Green will dissolve the greasy nicotine and other residues. I've used it with great success on blower wheels and housings. I'm just not sure how "safe" it is for coils. I imagine it'd be fine though.

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    try calclean HD,works great

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    When I've run into problems with foaming coils after cleaning with evap cleaner, it was because the drain pan under the evaporator was not draining adequately. If you use evaporator cleaner, make sure you don't have much standing water/evap solution in the condensate pan before turning the unit back on. I had bubbles blowing all over the product in a convenience store walk-in one time, as well as through the ducts of a couple trailers.

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    I'm not having any problems with excessive foam. In fact, quite the opposite. That stuff won't foam at all. The first coil I used it on really wasn't very dirty to begin with, so I didn't think anything about it not foaming. But then the next one was so filthy it basically had no airflow through it at all and was covered with a thick mat of fur that I had to "comb" off with a little wire brush. Sprayed that green stuff on it afterwards, and still no foam, no bubbles, no nothing. Didn't do a lick of good as far as I could tell.

    I'll try the HD next. I guess the next step up from that would be the yellow death stuff.

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    Thats why we don't clean evaporator coils in place.

    We pump/down pull coil out and use yellow death , rinse well and re-install coil works great every time.

    That green crap is just not worth the price to use it on anything except maybe dirty blower wheel.
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    green coil cleaner

    i used this stuff to clean dirty duct reg.
    the mist has messed up 3 work shirts.

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    Try not to use any soap if the coils are not too dirty. And use as less soap as you can to remove the dirt because when you wash a coil, your removing a certain amount of millage with it...

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