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I will do that.. started a couple weeks ago for a day but been on vacation since then lol This week I'll be putting it to the test. To the guys who assume I'm some second rate tech who just slaps on gauges and walks away, I don't. I have a lot of pride in my work. I been behind a lot of seasoned techs well over my years of experience and have fixed their mistakes time and time again- As well as sub contractors that handle some of our clients when the job is too far to justify driving tech expense and fuel costs) Mind you I can see all you guys are great techs no doubts about that. I will take all
your guys advice and take sc n sh readings more often.
Why discount the importance of it when it really doesn't take that long, ( extra 15 minutes ) to log both superheat and subcooling values.

I started in a manufacturing testing facility on portable 250 ton A/C systems with 150 ton Dungam Bush verticle screws. A unit not only had to have correct supeeheat and subcooling but Discharge superhear readings before QC would sign off on it.

Nothing wrong with pride but follow it up with good practices and some easy math.