I've been in the trade for several years now and I go thru the forums reading comments of guys screaming at others to post their superheat and subcool readings because its the ONLY way to solve the problem, or saying that these readings will tell you exactly what is wrong with an a/c system. Honestly the only thing I use subcool and superheat for is to charge a system. Whats subcool and superheat gonna tell you that your pressure readings won't? Of course now I can see refrigeration but not a/c work. I'd like see to your guys opinions because to me taking the additional time to take these temp readings and still hunting down your problems seems like a waste of time. I personally only take average of 15 minutes to figure out the problems, worst cases with multi issues maybe 30 min. I'm interested in your guys feed back and seeing how subcool and superheat really help you in your efforts of finding the solutions with a/c issues.

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