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    Condenser fan noise

    My A/C works fine most of the day. It seems like about the same time every afternoon, warm air begins to come out of the vents. When I go outside, the compressor and the condenser fan are not operating. I turn the unit off for about half an hour then back on for it to resume operating properly. I did notice that the condenser fan is making some noise. Not a lot of noise but it is not quiet like it used to be. Also, the back of the condenser fan is VERY VERY hot to the touch. I suspect the condenser fan is to blame. Is there some kind of over heat protection to the fan? I would like to have some knowledge about my problem so I can know what to expect when talking to the technician. I had been using the same technician but he has moved his business to Phoenix and this has left me quite nervous about trying someone new in Tucson. Any recommendations for someone in the Tucson or Marana area.
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    Classic symptoms of a dying condenser fan motor, which will also take the compressor out on overload protection. When the motor is replaced, the outdoor coil should also be cleaned. Tech should also check the fan blade to see if it is cracking or coming apart, or is out of balance.

    Talk to friends and neighbors about who to use, and press them to see if they were REALLY happy with the service they received.
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    I would suspect the fan motor, but more diagnosis is needed. Yes there is a thermal overload in the motor that may be tripping.

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    Dirty condenser is a very common cause of condenser motor overload/failure.

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    Thank you for all the replies. I will ask some of my neighbors if they can recommend anyone. It is good to know that there are other things that should be done when replacing the fan motor so I can expect to pay more labor.

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