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    Quote Originally Posted by integrator View Post
    opps some of my replies got typed into the quotes area - so here they are again

    First thing first. Can you log into the NAE via the local PC? If so you have the IP address for that NAE. The NAE does not block any access, it's the IT department and firewalls. NAE's don't use windows remote access. They use the basic web port 80.

    If you don't know the IP address of the NAE - do a dump with a serial cable **Page 92

    Do you have the files from the AHU or a copy of the program. to keep things simple, I would stay with a AHU. Nothing else in the ASC family has enought input\ouputs. Since this is the N2 product, you need HVACPRO software and the cablepro hardware.
    I have the IP addresses of the NAEs. I will get with the IT department to see if they have a static External IP address that can let me pull up these NAEs.

    So can I still get one of these AHU controllers if I need one? Or are they obsolete?
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    The AS-AHU102-0 should still be available but it is pricey since JCI is going to discontinue it in the not too distant future. Check with your local Johnson ABCS (independant distributor).

    The IT department should have all the info on the static "Public" IP address and know everything about routing from it to the internal (LAN) NAE IP address(s).

    The "HVAC-Pro" software is part of the MW-MTOOL-0/6 package. Again contact the local ABCS.

    As far as connecting to the AHU, my first choice is (using the HVAC-Pro sw of course) to use the B&B Electroincs converter mentioned earlier. If you need to connect via the "Zone Bus" then obtain an AS-CVTPRO300-1 ( last I knew they cost about 600 bucks). It has both N2 Bus and Zone Bus capabilities and comes with a Digi Edgeport/1 usb to serial converter which works very well. A word of caution, if you connect to the AHU via the Zone Bus communications will be lost to the NAE as soon as you connect and for about 10 minutes after you disconnect from the Zone Bus. This is normal.

    FYI, The "AHU Controller" is actually 2 separate parts. The I/O board (AS-AHU100-0) and the Logic or Environmental card (AS-AHU102-0).

    You should also go here to get all the necessary info to work with the stuff.

    Check the input jumpers on the AHU102 to make sure they are correctly set for the connected inputs before you condem a very expensive card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by apprentice3 View Post
    I have the IP addresses of the NAEs. I will get with the IT department to see if they have a static External IP address that can let me pull up these NAEs.

    So can I still get one of these AHU controllers if I need one? Or are they obsolete?

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    A DX9100 could be used also but is just as expensive as the AHU. If there is some I/O problems with the AHU controller and you are now involved, would it be that the customer does nto want to pay the price for another AHU. The ebay option would be an option for a replacement as it is a piece cheaper then a new or even refurbished one from Kentucky but you take the chance of it not working and stuff like that.

    Yes you can make one of the NAES a "site director" unless they are both NCE25's.

    You tell the difference between between a NAE and a NCE, the NCE will have terminas across the top and bottem for hard wire I/O, a NAE has only a 24vac wire and ethernet cableing and RS485 cable.

    Take a picture of the NAE's them selves and post it.

    Back to the site director thing.

    One of the NAES is designated the site director and the other NAE checks in/talks to the site director and the site director NAE shows both NAE on its screen.

    Giving you one IP address to log into and see both of them.

    The IT staff can give you access to the site director by whatever means. If they do a port forwarding thing to the one IP but not the other then there will be some issues if they do not configure there network correctly, IE you will see the both NAE's but you will not be able to browse anything in the other.
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    I would always have a spare AHU controller with me just in case. Sometimes the controllers would quit working during a download. This didn't happen very often, but once is enough depending on how critical the application was!!! I did however have good luck moving points if you have spares. Then of course you have to check the NAE for any dependancies on the moved points.

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