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You might find this article about the college debt situation very interesting. This is from a blog I follow, and this is his most recent article:


Anyone ever notice most of the problems this country has... are related to money? Yes, money:

They got something I do not (money buys happiness)...
Get an education and you will do better (student loans)...
Banks must make mortgage loans based on racial %, rather than on ability to pay them back (this was passed under Bill Clinton, many economists believe this is in reality the cause of our current financial crises)...

And who is always the winner of all these messes? It does not take a rocket scientist to figure this one out: BANKS and BANKERS.

For those that care... follow the money trail of polecats; it ALWAYS leads back to bankers.

Oh, and lets not forget: The banks always get in trouble, and the govt ALWAYS bails out the banks... with taxpayer money.

It is not whether someone has this or that, whether it is fair, or who gets ahead (whatever ahead means)... NO, we are fed that lie to motivate us to make poor financial decisions (debt)... and the bankers always win.

WAKE UP AMERICA. All we have to do is STOP using debt... and the bankers loose control of our lives.

Someone coined the word: banksters (banker/gangster mix)... methinks this is more accurate than being a joke.

Now if we as Americans were smart... we would starve the banks out of business (pay off our debt and not take out anymore)... and start over with local organizations who care about their customers.