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i'm a taboo poster.

blacks were used by the rich as slaves.
blacks were used by the north to try to justify the Civil War.
blacks were promoted to high positions, just to irritate southerners.
after they were "freed" they went right into unemployment.
blacks were organized and used by the left-wing Socialist politicians who told them the reasons for all their problems were because everyone was racist against them.

the left-wing politicians chose a bunch of nut cases to be their leaders.
the left-wing politicians told them the best thing they can do is take advantage of Socialist welfare programs.
the left-wing politicians allowed the rich to profit by flooding drugs into their communities.

the Democrats are bad for the blacks, ...the Democrats are bad for everyone.

for black people to switch from liberal to conservative they have to,
1) Accept reponsibility for themselves and their situations.
2) Go against most of the people in their community.
3) Give up the comfort of victimhood.
4) Refuse the small gifts and job offers handed to them from the left-wing
So we are to finger pointing again I see....shall I start with Richard Nixon? Or should I start at all?

We could both sit here and point fingers all night long, and both prove our claims, but that would not do this country any good would it?

Should we have another Civil war? Should we just kill each other? That would probably solve more problems than the gibberish that goes on around here.

Speak as one...or speak as none...fighting among ourselves will only get us all killed...but then that could be what they all want anyway.