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    IQ Drive indoor coil sensor.

    I have an IQ drive system by Nordyne (Frigidaire). I am getting only a 9 deg temp. split (measured at the unit supply and return. Before I check the freon level (pressures) I need to know the following: Does the indoor coil sensor have any effect on the electronic TXV? All temperatures are displayed on the T stat, however the indoor air only shows 0. I have not checked the resistance of the sensor yet.


    A little background on me........I was an HVAC contractor for 30 years, however not a field technician, and I retired just about the time the IQ Drive systems came out. This system was installed in 2008.

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    The sensor does have a direct bearing on the position of the eev if it is bad the valve des not know to open r close. i would call the installing company and not put your guages on it
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