I only shop in the US for tools and bought my Testo 557΄s two months ago I paid $445 for the cased kit set with clamps.
The UK and Europe is way to expensive, but shopping for decent equipment in the US allows you to get these at fair prices.

I am lucky I have someone that I can post them to in the US and they frequently carry them to me. If you cannot do this, it opens a can of worms with shipping costs and VAT.
Only problem you can find is some sellers are not setup to sell to anyone outside of the USA, strange but just how it can be. When you do find a seller that is helpful, no looking back. Everything is smooth as silk and the best service you will find. And do those boys love their toys!
Buy named quality goods and warranties are valied anywhere.
PM me and depending on situation, might sell you my Testo΄s .... just maybe. I still havent used them yet.
Lastly, I like RYJ equipment and as good as not available outside the US unless you have time to locate the ONE agent, find an outlet and then pay the prices.