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    ECM quick motor test

    I was shown a quick way of testing the actual motor portion of an ECM and was wondering if this was legitamite. What the guy did was remove the module portion and jump any two of the three of the plug connections. This made the shaft solid and proved there was resistance in the windings. Anyone else ever heard of this, or have any other advice?
    Thank you!

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    Did the guy not own a meter? That's what I use when wanting to know resistance.

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    The resistance should be close on all 3 legs. Shorting any two leads simulates a short and will cause the rotor to either lock up or be very hard to rotate. Most issues with the ECM are with the OCMP, over current motor protector, which is the little dime to quarter size disc that will crack, burn out, etc. This can be replaced for about $ and 20 minutes work.
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    Jumpering 2 phases together will simulate a phase to phase short, and cause the motor to magnetically lock up, but it isn't really a test that the motor is good.

    A lot of techs misdiagnose a phase to phase short in an ECM motor as bad bearings.
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