Hello all you tech guys.

I have come to a problem that i can't seem to fix/overcome.

I have a temp/Co2 Sensor, that also acts like a controller for VAV.


But I have problems writing down new values to it. (Modbus Add. SP, KP, etc.)

I got the register table from the manufactor and have no problem reading from it (on the Sensor).

I'm using Distech control EC-NET-AX. sedona palette EasyioModbusSlave.

Is there any way i can see the return data from my sensor?

Because somtime It returns with a "Status code 3" wich, as fra as I know, Means:

3. The request is received by the slave with a parity, CRC or LRC error.
The slave ignores the request and sends no response.

But I have no idea where to look for this problem.....

I Senserly hope somone out there is much wiser than me...