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    LED interior van lighting

    I'm making some modifications in the rear of my 2011 Chevy van, and I'm thinking about replacing the single incandescent fixture in the rear with a few 12v LED fixtures (see pic).

    My question: does anyone know if they are compatible with the dimmer control on the van, or will it cook the lights, or worse the control?

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    I have Truck lite LEDs in my '12 Ford van. The lights dim when I close the doors. LEDs have been fine. I like Truck Lite. My buddy bought LEDS from China and the USA made Truck Lites are much brighter.
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    I have been around the emergency lighting business for a number of years, it's kind of a side gig for me. As you know the latest rage is LED lighting, they now have LED scene lighting that rivals most halogen flood lights.

    Here's a link to some of the goods you can outfit a firetruck, squad car, or ambulance with.

    Pricy? Yup. Top of the line? Yup. Awesome? Hell yup.

    To answer your question... Yes they do dim to a point, when the voltage drops low enough they simply cut out. It's around 8-10vdc that they just shut off. I would say they dim to around 1/2 of what a halogen dims.

    If you are looking for cheaper I can dig up some cheaper USA made LED's, you always have the option of the Chinese LED's off Ebay, they simply snap into your already existing bulb sockets, they are actually not bad for light output. I personally run a set in my Suburban.

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