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    utica gas heater type dv series.

    i have a utica heater thats 24 years work just fine. its a single story medium ranch house. about a week ago after it turns on and runs and the pump stops sometimes theres a low hum that can be heard tha never used to before. the pressure gauge reads 15 psi . i put aplastic pipe from my ear to the pump motor and heard the hum . put the plastic tube to the pressure gauge it to had louder hum . put the tube to the pipe that goes to the blue overflow tank it to had a hum. i can here in the bases board in the living room. is it the pump thata makes this sound. is it air in the pipes .

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    What song are you humming?
    You need to put the phone down and get back to work!

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    what do you mean by what song am i humming. sometimes ther is a hum after the pump turns off and somtimes thers not . is it the pump or could it be air in the pipes ? i would appreciate a intelligent answer .

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