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    TRANE XR 15 System - Which furnace should I get?

    Is XT80 ok , or do i need the XV80?

    location is North Texas - I do not need the 2 stage heating feature

    Is there any advantage on the cooling mode to get the XV

    Is having variable speed function with cooling even an issue if I have XR 15 3.5T single stage condenser ?

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    XV offers a variable speed blower which is a little stronger in marginal duct systems. Also adjusts for changing duct conditions to maintain airflow better. Also if that's a steamy part of the Lone Star, you can have the slow ramp up for better dehumidification or better yet, dehumidify on demand with a deluxe thermostat. Otherwise, the XT80 will give you a fixed speed high efficiency blower which will help you really get 15 SEER out of the XR15. Up to your budget.

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