I have a freezer that I feel like I know has a leak. HOWEVER, I put a vacuum on it yesterday and got it to 1250mics and left it on overnight and was told that it jumped up to 1550mics by a fellow employee last night. So this a.m. I come in and a certain somebody that is above me says "You left the pump blanked off all night, I came in this morning and turned the pump off, that was a waste of time! However, it held all night at 1550mics, its good enough"

I CALL BULL$#!T!!!!,
Reason number 1, it was on for 2hrs yesterday and wouldnt go below 1250. He wants to dump reefer in and walk away. I DO NOT!

What else other than a leak could I be looking at? I suggested blasting it with nitro and 22 and hitting with an electronic leak detector, he got all pissy and said I WAS BEING IMPATIENT!! LOL Douche. I am trying to get er done CORRECTLY! and not waste time.... WTF, I never argue with people untill common sense is ruled out.

Gimme something to work with boys...