Hello all....

I installed a 18000 btu mitsubishi fe hype heat system. I am concerned with the current draw as it is drawing for long periods of time (for hours) over 3700 watts which is almost 3 times the current draw it should be drawing. The electrical specs for the unit can be found here:


Im not sure whats up with the large current draw as the max watt draw should be around 1270 watts in cooling only mode...however, please note there is powerful mode on the unit and that wattage is around 2300 watts (a mode which will operate for only up to 15 minutes and where it will put out much more than 18000 btu to cool the room down quicker). When it is drawing the 3700 plus watts i do not have it in powerful mode, i have it normal mode; but more importantly; it still exceeds the 2300 high watt draw for powerful mode.

The tech guy who came out is uncertain what is wrong and called tech support who have yet to respond. Its a 240 volt system and each leg is drawing about 16 amps. Wonder if you guys know anything which might be causing this excessive watt draw or if anyone has run into this before... could low r410 or high r410 be the cause, maybe something in the wiring or setup... dont know; but any suggestions would be welcome.