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    Lennox el296v vs sl280v


    I am considering a furnace replacement (old Bryant furnace is about 15 years old), and I narrowed down my search to two Lennox models: el296v or sl280v. My considerations are:

    o quiet operation (hence 2 stage, variable speed)
    o efficiency/cost

    For the efficiency/cost, from the info that I gathered:

    o el296v is more efficient than sl280v, but it's installation requires additional work (and cost);
    o sl280v is easier to install because it's designed to directly replace older furnace models.

    I am wondering if it is worth it to go with el296v and pay more for installation (and furnace) - I live in CA (Bay Area) and winter is not really cold, so will the efficiency savings really cover higher furnace/installation cost?

    The one story house is about 1500ft, the suggested unit size is 3-3.5ton, AC unit being considered is XC14.

    The current system is installed in the house, I am considering an option of moving it to the attic.



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    In your mild climate, it might not be worth it for a 96% furnace. A good dealer would provide you with some figures. Seems like 3 to 3.5 ton A/C for 1500 sq ft is BIG for your area unless it has lots of lousy windows or no insulation.

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