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    I have been offered a carrier condenser for a rediculously cheap price. But it was improperly removed, the guy just cut the lines and it has been stored outside in his back yard for a year. Obviously there is moisture in the system now but my question is if I vacuum out the air should it be okay or should I stay away from this "deal" like the plague.

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    If the lines weren't capped I wouldn't touch it. Just think of all the bugs and spiders that crawled into the lines not to mention all the moisture, rust and corrosion on the inside. I vote no.
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    How much they givin ya to take it

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    Ya live in Forney, TX? Put it in the living room...use it for a coffee table.
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    Its probably

    Been stolen off a jobsite!!

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    scrap copper at best

    pay nothing for it if ya want it then remove the can drain the oil re fill the oil then blast it out from the high side back through the pipes to the l line with dry nitrogen do the same on the suction line then weld it all up hook it up weld it all in vac it then charge it up and pray, Oh yeah connect power and bump the comp for a few seconds to see if the can runs first

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    Smile impropely removed condenser

    thanks just saved me a lot of $$$$ not to mention the time and effort and headaches. I`ll take your advice and stay away....

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    Originally posted by bootlen
    Ya live in Forney, TX? Put it in the living room...use it for a coffee table.

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    that's called "receiving stolen property." lol
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    We once took a fairly new condenser out of a house that was to be demolished.

    The boss wanted to save it, because his sister was building a house and it was the size she needed.

    The guys on the job site forgot to cap the lines. It sat in our shop, outside like this for over a year.

    I put it in this summer. I kid you not, I let the vac pump run on it non stop for 3 days stright. Could not get it down below 600 microns.

    I told the boss, and he said to give it a try, and be sure to tell hi sister that it may or may not work.

    I charged it and started it, pressures were good. Saw her last month, and she said it is still running good.

    We shall see about the long term result.

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    If the valves were closed it might be "OK". The few times I reconnected a unit I removed the old tubing out stubs so only 2" old pipe was ever open.

    People rarely, rarely take out a working unit.
    Mine was disconnected and reinstalled. But.... I put it in originally, took loose, and reinstalled within a week. And I sealed the ends to keep dirt and moisture out.
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    If is was me

    I would start out with a brand new system. Are you the type that allways try to find the angle? Someone is hacking in to my post.

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    No way would I install that anywhere. Scrap copper at best!

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