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    Frown Waterfurnace poor quality discovered after 3 months

    We had a 4 ton Series 5 Waterfurnace installed 3 months ago. On Friday it was discovered that the tvx valve had a leak in it. Unfortunately it was late on Friday and guess what no local parts and I live in a major metropolitan area. The only local rep Waterfurnace has is a sales rep. and he was no help. Finally after 5 days of being without AC the unit was fixed. When the dealer pulled it out it had a split in it.

    Poor quality and/or quality assurance not to mention bad customer service. Just make sure if you unit breaks down it doesn't happen on a holiday or weekend.

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    Trouble with your post is: Waterfurnace and every other equipment maker doesn't make TXVs so that could have been in about any brand. Stocking parts is rather frustrating though hard to say whether the dealer would have undertaken such a lengthy job late on a holiday Friday afternoon.

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    Just another thought:

    None of the equipment manufacturers make TXV valves, they are made by component suppliers. Also, I cannot think of a single equipment manufacturer who has not had issues with TXV's... just one of those things.

    I know going without AC is difficult, and having a system of considerable cost go down early in its life is irritating... My point is: TXV's (and other components) are not the fault of the equipment manufacturers.

    Quality work at a fair price with excellent customer service!

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    We are sorry to hear that you have had a problem with your WaterFurnace unit. Please provide your model number, serial number, and the name of the contractor you are working with so we may look into your inquiry further. Please feel free to send us a private message if you do not wish to post this information publicly.

    WaterFurnace International, Inc.

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    Waterfurnace weak point

    It is true the manufacturers do not produce some of their own hardware like the txv. However Waterfurnace does make it more difficult for repairs due to their central distribution strategy. A repair contractor cannot get a Waterfurnace part locally unless he/she has it in stock. All parts must be shipped directly from Waterfurnace. We used to intall Waterfurnace and it became a headache. We have been installing Climatemaster for years and have several local distributers with after hour service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sensible View Post
    Poor quality and/or quality assurance not to mention bad customer service. Just make sure if you unit breaks down it doesn't happen on a holiday or weekend.
    Fortunately it was only a lack of AC and not heat! A little extra warmth never hurt anybody!

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    it is correct that water furnace does not make the valve but like all manufactures im sure they beat up the manufacture for a cheaper price ,and we all know what that does.
    Stuff happens

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    It is possible that Waterfurnace damaged the TXV during assembly. I too install Climate Master and can get parts from O'Connor Co. in Broken Arrow, OK same day.

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    Try having 3 new Hydron units in the same job that had bad reversing valves. They sent 3 new valves, all of which also failed within days. We had to build up sil-fos on the reversing valve pilot tubes to get them to stop cracking and popping off.

    I'm so fed up with Chinese parts...........

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    We have great luck getting water furnace parts. But even my self (technician) would find a quick way not to find the part on friday of a holiday weekend. Minimum 4 hour job.

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    You can't blame Waterfurnace. Not having AC for 5 day's is not exceptable, with overnight shipping, you could of had the part ordered on Monday and installed on Tuesday. Crap happens all the time with every company. Waterfurnace makes a GREAT product. If you would just see their operation and how they do Quality Checks on every step of making your GEO. They make your GEO especially for your house. Waterfurnace factory is the cleanest and best run factory I've had the pleasure of walking through. I would highly recommend Waterfurnace over any other GEO I've worked on, including Climatemaster.

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    It's moments like this where I say, "**** it". I'll make a better company with better service.

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    ahmen brother!!!!!!!!!!!!

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