What is it with liberals in the way they deceive and refuse to answer questions? I suppose I really mean far leftist persons because I know many liberals who would be appalled at the conduct of this guy, as well as some of this sites resident leftists; http://dailycaller.com/2012/09/04/du...latform-video/

Really! What causes someone to be so deceitful to accuse someone of something that has never been mentioned in order to distract from answering a simple question? How do you come up with claiming someone is calling you Godless when when all they asked you is why God was taken out of the language being used at a convention/conference?

The response from Dick Durbin about being accused of being Godless sounds an awful lot like a guilty conscience to me. It's like saying "good morning" to someone who has just killed their mother and they respond with; "Why are you saying that I killed my mother?"

Leftists on this site pull this crap all the time when asked questions that they cannot answer truthfully without opposing their agenda or point of view.

Is this taught in Commie/Socialist classes as "Dodging and Deceiving 101"?